Awgrym sempel

Simple maths

Keworrans (addition)

Kernewek a us an ger ‘ha’ rag a dheskrif keworra, ty a yll usya an verb ‘keworra’ ynwedh,
Cornish uses the word ‘and’ for describing addition, you can also use the verb ‘to add’,

\begin{equation} 1+1=2 \end{equation}

Onan ha onan yw dew.
(One and one are two)

\begin{equation} 7+20=27 \end{equation}

Seyth ha ugans a wra seyth warn ugens.
(Seven and twenty make twenty seven)

\begin{equation} 115+23=138 \end{equation}

Keworra unn cans pymthek dhe tri warn ugans a wra unn kans etek warn ugans.
(Adding one hundred and fifteen to twenty three makes one hundred thirthy eight)

Marnasedh (Subtraction)

Kernewek a us an ger ‘marnas’ yny furv berrhes ‘ma’s’, mes ty a yll usya ‘kemmeres diworth’ ynwedh,
Cornish uses the word ‘less’ in its shortened form, but you can also use ‘take away from’,

\begin{equation} 1-1=0 \end{equation}

Onan ma’s onan yw mann.
(One less one is nothing)

\begin{equation} 7-1=6 \end{equation}

Seyth ma’s onan a wra hwegh.
(Seven less one makes six)

\begin{equation} 100-25=75 \end{equation}

Kemmer pymp warn ugens diworth kans! Pymthek ha tri-ugens!
(Take twenty five away from one hundred! Seventy five!)

Liesheans (Multiplication)

Y menegas yn sempel bos lieshe a-geskorrva a’n dew niverenn, an ger ‘gweyth’ a us ynwedh, gorunys rag ‘explicitness’ brassa. ‘Lieshe’ a yll usya ynwedh.
(Multiplication is simply expressed by juxtaposition of the two numbers, the word ‘time’ is also used compounded for greater explicitness. ‘Multiply’ can be used also.)

\begin{align} 2\times6=12 \end{align}

Dew hwegh yw dewthek.
(Two sixes are twelve)

\begin{align} 15\times10=150 \end{align}

Pymthek degkweyth a wra kans deg ha dew ugens.
(Ten times fifteen makes one hundred and fifty)

\begin{align} 3 \times 88=264 \end{align}

Tri yn-lieshes gans eth ha peswar-ugens a wra dew kans peswar ha tri-ugens.
(Three multiplied by eighty eight makes two hundred and sixty four)

Rannedh (Division)

Ranna a us ‘… rynnys yntra…’ po ‘…rynnys gans…’,
(Division uses ‘divided into’ or ‘divided by’,)

\begin{align} 6\div3=2 \end{align}

Hwegh yn-rynnys yntra tri yw dew.
(Six divided into three is two)

\begin{align} 300\div10=30 \end{align}

Tri kans yn-rynnys gans deg a wra deg warn ugens
(Three hundred divided by ten makes thirty)

\begin{align} 235\div47=5 \end{align}

Rann dew kans pymthek warn ugens gans seyth ha dewgans a wra pymp.
(Dividing two hundred and thirty five by fourty seven makes five)

Rannrivow (Fractions)

Hanter ha kwarter a’n jeves hanow arbennik, kepar hag yn sowsnek.
(A half and a quarter have special names, just like in English.)

\begin{align} {1\over 2}+{1\over 4} = {3\over4} \end{align}

** **
Hanter ha kwarter yw tri kwarter.
Half and a quarter is three quarters

\begin{align} {5\over9}-{1\over9}={4\over9} \end{align}

** **
Pymp nawves ma’s unn nawves a wra peswar nawves.
Five ninths minus one ninth make four ninths

\begin{align} {3\times {4\over10}={6\over5}={1}{1\over5} \end{align}

** **
Tri peswar degves yw hwegh pympes po onan ha unn pympes.
Three times four tenths is one and one fifth

Kansrannow (Percentages)

Kansrannow a us an ‘phrase’ ‘…a gansrann’,
(Percentages use the phrase ‘of a hundred parts’,)

\begin{align} 25\% of 64= 16 \end{align}

Pymp warn ugens a-gansrann a peswar ha tri-ugens yw hwetek.
Twenty five percent of sixty four is sixteen

\begin{align} 5\% of 100=5 \end{align}

Pymp a-gansrann a kans yw pymp.
Five percent of one hundred is five

\begin{align} 111\% of 200=222 \end{align}

Kans unnek a-gansrann a dew kans a wra dew kans dew warn ugens.
One hundred and eleven percent of two hundred makes two hundred and twenty two

Degedhegyon (Decimals)

Degedhegyon a us an ger ‘poynt’, ha niverow dashwer a us 'dashwer'.
(Decimals use the word ‘point’, and recurring numbers use ‘recurring’)

\begin{equation} 12.7-9.5=3.2 \end{equation}

Dewdhek poynt seyth ma’s naw poynt pymp a wra tri poynt dew.
Twelve point seven minus nine point five makes three point two.

\begin{align} 2.5\times5.25=13.125 \end{align}

Dew poynt pymp a lieshis gans pymp poynt dew pymp a wra trithek poynt onan dew pymp.
Two point five times by five point two five makes thirteen poynt one two five.

\begin{align} 9.8\div1.2=8.16 ̇ \end{align}

Naw poynt eth yn-rynnys gans onan poynt dew a wra eth poynt onan hwegh dashwer.
Nine point eight divided by one point two makes eight point one six recurring.

Nerthyow (Powers)

Yma henwyn arbennik gans an nessa ha tressa nerthyow avel yn sowsnek.
(There are special names for the second and third powers as in English. The rest use the expression 'to the Nth' and for greater explicitness the word 'power' can be used.)

\begin{equation} 2^2+3^3=31 \end{equation}


\begin{equation} \end{equation}


\begin{equation} ̇ \end{equation}


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