Govel Geryow

The Wanted List

An rol a syw a dheuth dhiworth an wiasva Govel Geryow gwrys yn termyn eus passyys gans Tony Snell. Gwrewgh proffya, mar mynnowgh, treylyansow rag an geryow-ma dres an kevrann discuss a-woeles.

Y hwelir geryow proffyys y'n wiasva-na seulabrys y'gan Gerlyver Warlinenn le mons i merkyys gans "+".

The following list comes from Tony Snell's former Govel Geryow website. You are invited to use the discuss link below to suggest possible Cornish translations.

Words already suggested on that site are shown in our Online Dictionary where they are marked with a "+".

Indeed my first problem is how to translated "Wanted" as in "Wanted dead or alive!"

announce verb
announcement noun
appointment noun
arrive verb gordhos
athlete noun
attend verb selow
attention noun
balcony noun
blackcurrants plural noun
boredom noun
braces plural noun
cardboard noun
cinema noun
Civil adjective
Civilise verb
Civilisation noun
civil servant noun
Civility noun
collar noun
compose (music) verb
compressor noun gwaskell
conger noun sylli(es)
continuation noun pesyans
convince verb
corridor noun
crash verb gorvrywi
creche noun
currants noun korynt(enn) / figysik (dried)
customer noun
customs officer noun
datum noun
dessert noun
dice plural noun
dislodge verb
elastic noun
explicate noun
explicit noun
explicitness noun
gesture noun
group verb
haze noun
hopefully adverb
influence noun
informatics noun
inquire verb ynholi
inquiry noun ynholians
Juxtaposition adjective keskorrva
lyrics noun
manufacture verb
mattress noun
miss verb
monument noun
pronounce (speech) verb
prunes noun
pyjamas noun
resignation noun
role noun
rubber (material) noun
scampi noun
scenery (theatr.) noun
screen (cinema) noun
shallots noun
shrill adjective
shutter (window etc) noun
smart (clothes etc) adjective
sob noun
sob verb
solid adjective
spectator noun
spine (backbone) noun
spring (leap) verb
stage (in progress etc) noun
steady (stable) adjective sad
struggle verb omledhik
suit (of clothes) noun
sustainable adjective sustenadow
sustainability noun sustenadewder
tan (leather etc) verb
tart (food) noun
technical noun teknegel adj. Gerlyvrik
technician noun tekn[eg]ydh mn +yon SHA:315, Gerlyvrik
technique noun teknek fn pl. ?? Gerlyvrik
thus adverb
training noun
turtle noun
vanilla noun Vanylla
varied adjective


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